XCOM 2 – Expected To Be Awesome

XCOM 2 for the Xbox One, let’s get started, I’m just going to go ahead and get this out of the way early on if you love games with turn-based tactical RPG and strategic elements and enjoy an excellent sci-fi setting XCOM will satisfy you well and if you played Xcom enemy unknown. This is a must-play, you’re just going to come out of the gate and say that well, and I am before I get into changes and improvements from XCOM 1.

I’m going to go over the basics for anyone that hasn’t touched XCOM one or anyone that just needs a general refresher XCOM 2 is a turn-based tactical RPG with a sci-fi setting. That takes place in the near future this time around rather than trying to protect Earth from the aliens the earth is now under alien control and as the commander you’re tasked with leading a resistance against us Santa Clause II. Alien overlords you’re constantly making decisions out of your base including but not limited to researching recovered alien bodies and artifacts and then using what you found develop new technology to improve your weapons or farmers or create med kids or building new facilities to Train different stuff.

There’s just so much and this is where you also deploy your squad of for troops to do what you’ll arguably be doing the most going on missions. These missions have a variety of goals be it to hack an object within a certain amount of time or to kill every damn alien on screen or both. I hate to be that guy with tits deserve that during combat you command for soldiers with various classes and abilities but the controls are the same for all of them you move the left analog stick to highlight areas for movement anything within the blue zone can be moved to by highlighting the spot you want to move to and pressing a on the Xbox 1. X on the PS4 if you move your radical into the yellow zone outside of the blue zone you can move a little bit further but you lend your turn with that character you can also climb ladders. And get to higher accessible areas by pressing up on the d-pad to raise your movement radical and then highlight the area on top that you want to go to and press a or X again.

To get down just press down on the d-pad to lower the radical then select an area on the ground that you’re able to move to by pulling the right trigger on the Xbox One or are two on the PS4 you open a menu that allows you to select your basic weapon fire which has an associated success percentage that can be affected by an enemy’s location. There’s the overwatch option will not damn that basically has your character on high alert so if during an enemy’s turn they cross your line of sight you automatically fire at them hunker down which emboldened your defenses items a reload button and a special weapon button which allows you to initiate your class specific weapon.

There’s also hacking which is contextually based on your proximity to hackles unless you’re operating a sweet-ass drone in which case you can attempt to hack things from afar packing will grant you access to doors security terminals or other devices. Has a success chance there’s also a couple of bonus options. That you can select that could grant you buffs if you’re successful or D buffs if you fail to reach that percentage went out of combat your bases where you’ll spend most of the rest of your time having scientists researching the artifacts and bodies you found expanding on your base by either clearing debris or meeting certain criteria that will enable you to build their and this is where you’ll also promote your troops that have survived combat missions. Until soldiers receive a promotion they’re just basic walkie-talkie shooting grunts if they make it out of a mission alive they’re ready for a promotion which unlocks their class based weapon ability to get using a grenade launcher, sniper rifle, combat sword, drone and each subsequent promotion will enable you to choose one of two upgrade options.

New rank as far as the graphics code they’ve been greatly improved in almost every way from Xcom enemy unknown while somehow still sort of looking the same I don’t know it’s weird there are some texture pop-in issues and occasional frame rate stutters but they’re not game-breaking. By any means the sound design does the game justice ranging from above average voice acting to specific sound effects for everything you can imagine where the game really gets high marks from me.

Though is in its well conceived and executed unnecessary climbing simulations there’s a lot that I didn’t get a chance to talk about like the multiplayer or other facets of the game but you’re probably wondering what I recommend this game if you’re a fan of Xcom enemy Unknown. You’re going to love this it goes by the if it ain’t broke don’t fix it model and succeeds by just adding features to the game to enhance it without interfering with its already solid foundation. The procedurally-generated maps and objectives a mechanic which conceals your characters at the beginning of the match which enables you to be sneaky like an ambush your enemies and several other things, I’m probably forgetting if you’ve never played Xcom enemy unknown.

But you like tactical RPG strategy games you’d be hard-pressed not to fall in love with it if I had to guess you’re going to get around 30 hours out of the campaign and probably closer to 50. If you don’t rush it and with the new procedurally generated content the replay value is amazing its amazing shut it if none of what you’ve seen or heard appeals to you. It’s probably not worth your money however if you’re a fan and didn’t get a chance to play it on pc earlier this year.