What I have Experience With Windows 10

This week I’m here to share with you the 7 things that I don’t like about Windows 10 because last week I shared with you the 7 things that I do like . Instead of making a review based on the things that everybody else seems to talk about. I want to talk about my experience because that’s what it’s all about when it comes to devices and before I begin let me go ahead and say that for the most part Windows 10 is a step in the right direction. For the most part because it comes with caveats that do not mean that I’m slogging on windows. It just means that I see both the good and the bad. I take them both and there I have the fact of life in the world don’t move to the beat of just one drum what might be right for you may not be right for some.


A man is born yeah first thing that I don’t like is that you have to pay ten dollars for a year’s worth of solitaire. actually I’m kidding I really don’t mind that for people to complain about paying ten dollars for an ad-free version of solitaire after they got windows 10 for free come on do you have nothing else to complain about. Seriously if you got the windows 10 upgrade for free and you have to pay ten dollars for a game that you like to play anyway what’s the problem. The true first thing that I don’t really like is that free windows 10 upgrade only lasts for about a year.


So what that means is that if you have a system that’s eligible for the windows 10 upgrade you better do it within the next 365 days. Actually fewer days than that now and keep in mind that free upgrade path is tied to the pc. Not you I’m just saying while I appreciate it’s a free upgrade that’s a good thing it’s that it’s only lasting for a year and that’s not such a good thing in my estimation. If you’re going to make it free now why not make it free forever.


How many times did Microsoft push back the end date for windows XP support is it also a possibility that Microsoft will say okay  Windows 10 is free for another year. I really don’t know I just wish that if Windows 10 was going to be free it would be free indefinitely. Even if you have to pay ten dollars to play a game that you want to play anyway without a doubt.


Maybe that would be a better monetization strategy for Microsoft you’re playing minesweeper you clicked the wrong square and boom you all Microsoft another ten dollars. That would make things interesting and please Microsoft does not take this idea seriously please. The next thing that I don’t like about Windows 10 is that sometimes the transitions and animations are herky-jerky and blink and flashy. That was my best impression of Windows 10 sometimes of course I’m exaggerating.


But since when do I not exaggerate I’m sure they’re going to continue to smooth out the rough spots it’s just that I still see a few areas where a lot of rough spots need to be ironed out. And speaking of the next thing that I don’t like about Windows 10 is far too many legacy windows elements remain. The way that Microsoft has evolved the windows 10 experience is rather magical. But when you get smacked in the face with a dialogue from light 1997 you just kind of get thrown back and go wow.


Maybe it’s just me who sees a journey difference between the windows of yesteryear and the windows of today and tomorrow. for example I had some issues getting my microphone to work with Cortland and then it threw up a wizard and I’m all like whoa I think the last time I saw this dialogue I was watching mar. Wizard on TV. Actually mar. wizard is older than that and I probably am as well. Undoubtedly the new Windows 10 you why is clean Intel you have to deal with legacy elements.


There updated and clean is but also kind of a nice old they just kind of stick out like a sore thumb and they don’t necessarily stick out like a sore thumb on an operating system that has similar components throughout on windows 7. The same dialogue may look fine but on Windows 10 when you put that dialogue next to something else that looks like it belongs in another century. well that’s where it gets kind of clunky and even though I don’t know for sure I believe that Microsoft is probably going to be doing its best to clean up the craft.


Still my experience is based on what we have today not what we might have tomorrow some people don’t mind I do and I’m not talking about third-party apps either I’m talking about the stuff that ships with windows. You may be familiar with the ribbon interface in the file explorer on Windows but on Windows 10 it looks like. If anything take this is me saying that the new look and feel of Windows 10 is nice everything else not so much and you got to take the everything else when you get Windows 10.


If you can deal with it or you don’t see a problem with it good for you the next thing that I don’t like about Windows 10 is that the privacy settings are somewhat confusing and opt out. Microsoft has presented your privacy in such a way that it makes sense in context but also in such a way that a lot of users aren’t going to bother to toggle the options.


I’m not here to say that the privacy policy is horrific that is for you to decide what I am saying is that it’s somewhat difficult to navigate the options at least comprehensively. if you didn’t know it by default when you download windows updates you’re also sharing your upload bandwidth with others get updates from Microsoft and get updates from and send updates – by default pc are my local network and PCs on the internet and that’s just one of the settings that you might want to talk every other setting is buried within some other random dialogue it’s not comprehensive.


I don’t mind that Microsoft is trying these features I do mind that it’s an opt-out procedure and then it’s not very simple for the average user to do by and large they could solve the problem by making everything off in but that would probably be counterintuitive to Microsoft’s business model. To put it bluntly they want to be able to track you for advertising purposes then again you could say the same for a lot of companies out there.


It’s just that I don’t think the average windows user is going to know what’s going on yes every user is given a choice but how many times do users usually move past the defaults. I’m pretty sure that statistic is what Microsoft is banking on but hey it was a free upgrade and other companies are doing it. So why Microsoft that question can’t is not for me to answer. The next thing that I don’t like is the windows store in general I love the idea of the windows store.


Unfortunately it’s kind of lacking a lot of apps that I want to keep installed the windows story’s getting there and I like the idea of buying a app once or downloading an app once and having it tied to my count to be able to access it from number of Windows machines. But I’m just now waiting for other apps to be released.



So developers develop speaking of third-party support the next thing that I don’t like is the lack of third-party support where it counts specifically in the driver arena as much as I didn’t run into too many snags and upgrading from windows 8.1 to windows 10 on this surface pro 3 pc which is mine. I did have some issues in trying to upgrade to Windows 10 from other paces in my house. Is that Microsoft’s fault is that the Ohm’s fall I don’t know. Either way it’s a problem for Windows 10 it’s like the platform can’t decide which utility is going to be responsible for upgrading everything.



Your mileage may vary and I’m not saying it’s a gigantic issue but I am saying that it was a problem and it was not something that I liked the next thing I don’t like about Windows 10 is a fair amount of usability redundancy. it’s not as bad as Windows 8 but it’s still present in Windows 10 for example I’ve gone to type within a field and as I selected that field to type the keyboard didn’t pull up the software keyboard and I didn’t have the hardware keyboard attached and I was waiting for it to pull up and then I had to manually pull it up because I forgot that I was not in tablet mode or maybe I was in tablet mode and couldn’t use the screen but I can always touch the screen but need to do it in a certain way to make sure that the keyboard pulls up.



It was a step in the right direction but I feel that Windows 10 still doesn’t know who wants to be and win on what creating a cohesive UX is a challenge and I’m sure that Microsoft is up for the task. let me put it to you another way they have to be up for the task and they have to finish the task sooner rather than later and despite the things that I don’t like about my windows 10 experience. Get the best Internet business online today with the best of seo expertise using the latest gadget today. For more information you can visit the website http://bradleywebgroup.com/.