Five reasons why you shouldn’t upgrade to Windows 10

I feel like i can do my five reasons why you shouldn’t obviously you didn’t make up your own mind about if Windows 10 is right for you.these are just my five top reasons why i probably won’t upgrade to Windows 10 as you can see i still have a windows 8 splash screen on my pc over there.



No. 1

drivers what the hell they’ve been flaky I’ve had my USB drivers brake, I’ve had in video driver problems I’ve even had like twitchy md driver problems, I you know whether there’s even more than that I don’t know about you guys but it sure makes me feel like Windows 10 is more like Windows Vista. especially on clean installs, do an upgrade it seems to not be as bad but clean installs I’ve had all sorts of problems and I’ve heard a lot of reports of other people that have as well.

No. 2


it’s intrusive more than any microsoft product i think i’ve ever used I really feel like you know they force you into having or you know needing to use you know SkyDrive they force you and do you know wanting to use Cortana they make it extremely hard to change your browser but even I think maybe worse than it used to be. some of that’s been remedied like I saw firefox finally figured out how to make Cortana give you back firefox search results and take you to firefox but it just seems very intrusive to me.


also this is on a saturday so yesterday the some weeks came out that they have the ability to actually remove pirated games from your pc. now that may be the unsubstantiated but I saw it from tech report. so you know guys I just feel like it’s very intrusive, it seems like they’re all up in your business all the time and frankly that’s not what I want for my OS I want my OS to just be the thing that all my programs are on.



No. 3


data mining so this is a privacy thing right like you’ve heard lots of people talk about Cortana and you know their data mining you can turn off a lot of it but there is still rumors may be unsubstantiated maybe not. that you can’t turn it all off, so they’re still tracking frankly you know this is the going to be number two is it free you’re paying for quote unquote free software somehow.


so to me privacy issues I really feel like it’s not their number.



No. 2 and i said this actually in my reasons to upgrade it also makes it into my reasons to not go to windows 10 and this goes along with like the privacy and the intrusive it’s three listen you’re paying for it somehow you’re not just going to get something for free so you’re either going to know their they want you to use one driver SkyDrive or we know whatever its name this week. they’re going to preload you with like skype and you know Microsoft products, they’re gonna want you to use Microsoft services now I’m not saying that’s a bad thing.


I prefer a lot of Microsoft services at the same times like one drive drives me insane because I prefer drop box in that one scenario. most things I actually do prefer microsoft products and you know disclaimer guys I work for Microsoft but i really do like Microsoft products and I you know holistically like Windows 10 other than you know these few things i’m talking about.


not being able to fully disable one drive drives me absolutely insane, like I just want it gone I want off of my system same thing with edge and Cortana I want that stuff off of my system give me the ability to completely remove it and not have to be like some ninja master to get stuff working again. it’s completely infuriating but the same time that’s what the free is getting. they have to make money somehow so you know what ads are you watching how can we better serve as how can we get you to use things to maybe we’re like skype we can upgrade you from a free membership to premium same thing with onedrive.



you know can we get you hooked and get you to upgrade its a corporation they have to make money, they have to pay the developers so we can all keep working there frankly and that’s what you get for free. so it’s not really free but unfortunately there’s also not a you know go buy it and not get all of that other crap and that’s why free is my number two.



No 5:


who needs testers anyways that’s what you suckers are for right well unfortunately microsoft is moving to more of a scrum and agile model of development and unfortunately Google and Apple have been kicking their ass for a long time on this area and unfortunately you’re now seeing microsoft had more toward you know things in beta or you know you bought that three upgrade and so now you’re gonna get updates push to your machine before other people so they can see if you complain or not or a million things like that.

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