Donald Trump Memes That Has Gone Viral On the Internet

Ever since Donald Trump announced his intention to run for president of the United States, he has been watched closely with his every move having the potential to be turned into a meme. And the results have been pretty incredible. Here are some internet memes Donald Trump can’t stand.


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Lovi’n on Putin
Even though he’s been quoted in the past saying that he has a good relationship with Putin, Trump denies any connection with the Russian leader. So, any meme that comes out questioning his words and calling his bluff on any connection with Putin is definitely seen as an attack that Trump is ready to confront on any level possible.


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Isis or Megyn
Donald Trump swears he is the only man who can deal with Isis. And while it’s a tough order, it’s not impossible right? Well, there are posers paying close attention and they have been taking note on the fact that the billionaire can’t take much criticism. This has caused people to question whether he’s a good fit for president if he can’t deal with criticism from even conservative media.




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Build a Wall
This is infamously one of the first claims Trump made when announcing his intention to run for president, that he would build a wall separating Mexico from the United States. And making Mexico pay for it. For those who are familiar with Trump’s wealth and knowledge of economics along with foreign relations, this seems like a pretty mighty claim. This meme definitely calls Trump out on the legitimacy of the promise.



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One of the hottest topics in the presidential campaign is Trump’s tax return. No matter what explanation or excuse he gives on not releasing his tax returns, most of the mainstream public doesn’t care. In fact, the public is pretty brutal on calling him out for not releasing this sensitive info, and seemed to work through these feelings by creating memes such as this.

Pants on Fire
This meme is pretty simple and straightforward and it is pretty obvious why Trump can’t stand it, as it blatantly accuses him of being a liar. Whether or not you believe it, this meme has definitely rubbed many Trump supporters the wrong way.


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Size of His Hands
Trump seems to get nervous anytime someone questions his manhood. You know the saying about a man with big hands? Well, people claim Trump doesn’t know the answer as it seems he has smaller hands than the traditional male. Trump was so bothered by the rumor that he made it a point to say his hands were normal size. Thus starting a running joke about having small hands.

The Color Orange
For someone who makes so much money, you would think that Donald Trump would be paying good money for his tanning services. However, his tan looks more artificial than a Cheetoh, and people, both supporters and those against him, are willing to call him out on it. This meme proves it, and hits a sore spot with Trump.

Whose Words?
While this didn’t happen directly to Trump, his wife Melania speech during the RNC faced heavy criticism for being plagiarized from First Lady Michelle Obama. When you’re running for president, who you associate with is just as important as your actions. And Trump would rather the world forget about the plagiarism mishap?

Bigly Chew
During the final presidential debate before the election audiences around the United States noticed he used the word bigly. While it has since been proven to be a real word, the public is convinced that Trump didn’t mean to use it and have taken the opportunity to make fun of him for it. This meme put the clever spin on a well-known brand to make it Trump appropriate.

Grab them by the..what?
When Trump was caught saying that he would grab a woman inappropriately below the waist, it was the controversy that nearly ended Trump’s campaign. He even publicly apologized for the incident and wishes to move forward. However given the crude nature of the comment, the internet isn’t willing to let it go so easily, and any meme that refers to that famous quote is upload to trump.

Attacks Abound
As mentioned before, Trump seems to have a hard time with criticism and this meme basically thumbs up every criticism and concern that anti-trump people have against the Republican nominee for president. In just a few words, this meme has the ability to ruin Trump campaign with no elaboration needed no matter your political views.