PC Programs Helpful for PC Gamers

If you are a gamer it is ideal that you can know this wonderful program so that your gaming experience will have a great progress and you will have all the advantage in your pc.

Winderstat which sounds like a bizarre swedish words but it’s actually very useful it’s a disk usage statistics as well as cleanup tool that kind of let you know exactly what’s on your hard drives and when I say that I mean exactly it goes much further into details and you can ever do browsing around your hard drive right clicking things and clicking. The properties you get a visual representation of how much everything takes up space and you’re able to manage what’s going on as well as hard drives gets ridiculous and size it may become less and less important but some games still take up on absurd version percentage of your hard drive and maintaining those installed on top of temporary files is sometimes interesting. Let’s just say a good alternative if you happen to not like Winderstat is space sniffer which is very similar and also does a great job.

MSI afterburner which is a piece of software you can use to overclock your graphics card and when I say your graphics card I don’t mean your msi graphics card. It’s essentially one of the most widely used utilities on every single graphics card by every single manufacturer it’s an extremely extensive program and does a great job of giving you a lot of options as well as the ability to monitor everything which is important you gotta know your graphics cards limits otherwise. You’re going to fry the thing and one of the coolest things about it is it has a mobile apps you can adjust the settings well in game without exiting your game seriously. This is in my opinion the best piece of software for this and it’s free.


Super F4 which gives you the ability to kill programs instantly with ctrl alt f4 which is sound maybe a little bit superfluous on account alt f4 is supposed to do that but it doesn’t always in fact a lot of programs. Nowadays are intentionally disabling all tapped toward and this piece of software no matter what will kill the program that it’s in the foreground on your Windows machine.





Keytweak which is a great program to remap your keyboard you know how sometimes you like I really wish to control did it this way. Well it doesn’t matter if they allow you to customize the controls in game you can customize. The control this is how normally to do something like this you have to edit the registry which can be tedious but each week instead makes it much easier. There’s more in-depth editing of keys as well as at each mode that allows you to simply get a prompt for what you want the key to do when you press the key that you want to do that. It’s a very simple piece of software but it could be very very useful to a lot of gamers out there.



Borderless gaming which is a utility that does one very very simple thing and that’s playing your game and a borderless window let’s see you have a windowed games and it doesn’t have a full screen mode. You can just run it through borderless gaming and wha-la beautiful full screen game.

Share x which is an image capture tool that’s both lightweight and open-source know when you think image capture utility. You think why not the print screen button. Well you know that doesn’t work in a lot of games but Share X goes out of its way to give you extra features such as some rudimentary effects watermarking and even annotating that it does internally. It also gives you the ability to upload automatically or on apply to all the most popular image hosting services and once you get adjusted to using it. It becomes incredibly useful couple of bonus programs that you can use I guarantee first the Nexus mod manager which is an open-source software that manages all of your mods. It doesn’t integrate interface really quick and takes a lot of the hassle out of modeling process explorer which does a good job of breaking down exactly. What is being used by every process down to the file name and all alter them which ensures that you can do basically anything you can think of with any monitor combination. Get here for additional tips if you are also a fan of mobile games and check out the best of warfriends using this link http://warfriendcheats.com/.