PC Programs Helpful for PC Gamers

If you are a gamer it is ideal that you can know this wonderful program so that your gaming experience will have a great progress and you will have all the advantage in your pc.

Winderstat which sounds like a bizarre swedish words but it’s actually very useful it’s a disk usage statistics as well as cleanup tool that kind of let you know exactly what’s on your hard drives and when I say that I mean exactly it goes much further into details and you can ever do browsing around your hard drive right clicking things and clicking. The properties you get a visual representation of how much everything takes up space and you’re able to manage what’s going on as well as hard drives gets ridiculous and size it may become less and less important but some games still take up on absurd version percentage of your hard drive and maintaining those installed on top of temporary files is sometimes interesting. Let’s just say a good alternative if you happen to not like Winderstat is space sniffer which is very similar and also does a great job.

MSI afterburner which is a piece of software you can use to overclock your graphics card and when I say your graphics card I don’t mean your msi graphics card. It’s essentially one of the most widely used utilities on every single graphics card by every single manufacturer it’s an extremely extensive program and does a great job of giving you a lot of options as well as the ability to monitor everything which is important you gotta know your graphics cards limits otherwise. You’re going to fry the thing and one of the coolest things about it is it has a mobile apps you can adjust the settings well in game without exiting your game seriously. This is in my opinion the best piece of software for this and it’s free.


Super F4 which gives you the ability to kill programs instantly with ctrl alt f4 which is sound maybe a little bit superfluous on account alt f4 is supposed to do that but it doesn’t always in fact a lot of programs. Nowadays are intentionally disabling all tapped toward and this piece of software no matter what will kill the program that it’s in the foreground on your Windows machine.





Keytweak which is a great program to remap your keyboard you know how sometimes you like I really wish to control did it this way. Well it doesn’t matter if they allow you to customize the controls in game you can customize. The control this is how normally to do something like this you have to edit the registry which can be tedious but each week instead makes it much easier. There’s more in-depth editing of keys as well as at each mode that allows you to simply get a prompt for what you want the key to do when you press the key that you want to do that. It’s a very simple piece of software but it could be very very useful to a lot of gamers out there.



Borderless gaming which is a utility that does one very very simple thing and that’s playing your game and a borderless window let’s see you have a windowed games and it doesn’t have a full screen mode. You can just run it through borderless gaming and wha-la beautiful full screen game.

Share x which is an image capture tool that’s both lightweight and open-source know when you think image capture utility. You think why not the print screen button. Well you know that doesn’t work in a lot of games but Share X goes out of its way to give you extra features such as some rudimentary effects watermarking and even annotating that it does internally. It also gives you the ability to upload automatically or on apply to all the most popular image hosting services and once you get adjusted to using it. It becomes incredibly useful couple of bonus programs that you can use I guarantee first the Nexus mod manager which is an open-source software that manages all of your mods. It doesn’t integrate interface really quick and takes a lot of the hassle out of modeling process explorer which does a good job of breaking down exactly. What is being used by every process down to the file name and all alter them which ensures that you can do basically anything you can think of with any monitor combination. Get here for additional tips if you are also a fan of mobile games and check out the best of warfriends using this link http://warfriendcheats.com/.


XCOM 2 – Expected To Be Awesome

XCOM 2 for the Xbox One, let’s get started, I’m just going to go ahead and get this out of the way early on if you love games with turn-based tactical RPG and strategic elements and enjoy an excellent sci-fi setting XCOM will satisfy you well and if you played Xcom enemy unknown. This is a must-play, you’re just going to come out of the gate and say that well, and I am before I get into changes and improvements from XCOM 1.

I’m going to go over the basics for anyone that hasn’t touched XCOM one or anyone that just needs a general refresher XCOM 2 is a turn-based tactical RPG with a sci-fi setting. That takes place in the near future this time around rather than trying to protect Earth from the aliens the earth is now under alien control and as the commander you’re tasked with leading a resistance against us Santa Clause II. Alien overlords you’re constantly making decisions out of your base including but not limited to researching recovered alien bodies and artifacts and then using what you found develop new technology to improve your weapons or farmers or create med kids or building new facilities to Train different stuff.

There’s just so much and this is where you also deploy your squad of for troops to do what you’ll arguably be doing the most going on missions. These missions have a variety of goals be it to hack an object within a certain amount of time or to kill every damn alien on screen or both. I hate to be that guy with tits deserve that during combat you command for soldiers with various classes and abilities but the controls are the same for all of them you move the left analog stick to highlight areas for movement anything within the blue zone can be moved to by highlighting the spot you want to move to and pressing a on the Xbox 1. X on the PS4 if you move your radical into the yellow zone outside of the blue zone you can move a little bit further but you lend your turn with that character you can also climb ladders. And get to higher accessible areas by pressing up on the d-pad to raise your movement radical and then highlight the area on top that you want to go to and press a or X again.

To get down just press down on the d-pad to lower the radical then select an area on the ground that you’re able to move to by pulling the right trigger on the Xbox One or are two on the PS4 you open a menu that allows you to select your basic weapon fire which has an associated success percentage that can be affected by an enemy’s location. There’s the overwatch option will not damn that basically has your character on high alert so if during an enemy’s turn they cross your line of sight you automatically fire at them hunker down which emboldened your defenses items a reload button and a special weapon button which allows you to initiate your class specific weapon.

There’s also hacking which is contextually based on your proximity to hackles unless you’re operating a sweet-ass drone in which case you can attempt to hack things from afar packing will grant you access to doors security terminals or other devices. Has a success chance there’s also a couple of bonus options. That you can select that could grant you buffs if you’re successful or D buffs if you fail to reach that percentage went out of combat your bases where you’ll spend most of the rest of your time having scientists researching the artifacts and bodies you found expanding on your base by either clearing debris or meeting certain criteria that will enable you to build their and this is where you’ll also promote your troops that have survived combat missions. Until soldiers receive a promotion they’re just basic walkie-talkie shooting grunts if they make it out of a mission alive they’re ready for a promotion which unlocks their class based weapon ability to get using a grenade launcher, sniper rifle, combat sword, drone and each subsequent promotion will enable you to choose one of two upgrade options.

New rank as far as the graphics code they’ve been greatly improved in almost every way from Xcom enemy unknown while somehow still sort of looking the same I don’t know it’s weird there are some texture pop-in issues and occasional frame rate stutters but they’re not game-breaking. By any means the sound design does the game justice ranging from above average voice acting to specific sound effects for everything you can imagine where the game really gets high marks from me.

Though is in its well conceived and executed unnecessary climbing simulations there’s a lot that I didn’t get a chance to talk about like the multiplayer or other facets of the game but you’re probably wondering what I recommend this game if you’re a fan of Xcom enemy Unknown. You’re going to love this it goes by the if it ain’t broke don’t fix it model and succeeds by just adding features to the game to enhance it without interfering with its already solid foundation. The procedurally-generated maps and objectives a mechanic which conceals your characters at the beginning of the match which enables you to be sneaky like an ambush your enemies and several other things, I’m probably forgetting if you’ve never played Xcom enemy unknown.

But you like tactical RPG strategy games you’d be hard-pressed not to fall in love with it if I had to guess you’re going to get around 30 hours out of the campaign and probably closer to 50. If you don’t rush it and with the new procedurally generated content the replay value is amazing its amazing shut it if none of what you’ve seen or heard appeals to you. It’s probably not worth your money however if you’re a fan and didn’t get a chance to play it on pc earlier this year.

Donald Trump Memes That Has Gone Viral On the Internet

Ever since Donald Trump announced his intention to run for president of the United States, he has been watched closely with his every move having the potential to be turned into a meme. And the results have been pretty incredible. Here are some internet memes Donald Trump can’t stand.


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Lovi’n on Putin
Even though he’s been quoted in the past saying that he has a good relationship with Putin, Trump denies any connection with the Russian leader. So, any meme that comes out questioning his words and calling his bluff on any connection with Putin is definitely seen as an attack that Trump is ready to confront on any level possible.


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Isis or Megyn
Donald Trump swears he is the only man who can deal with Isis. And while it’s a tough order, it’s not impossible right? Well, there are posers paying close attention and they have been taking note on the fact that the billionaire can’t take much criticism. This has caused people to question whether he’s a good fit for president if he can’t deal with criticism from even conservative media.




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Build a Wall
This is infamously one of the first claims Trump made when announcing his intention to run for president, that he would build a wall separating Mexico from the United States. And making Mexico pay for it. For those who are familiar with Trump’s wealth and knowledge of economics along with foreign relations, this seems like a pretty mighty claim. This meme definitely calls Trump out on the legitimacy of the promise.



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One of the hottest topics in the presidential campaign is Trump’s tax return. No matter what explanation or excuse he gives on not releasing his tax returns, most of the mainstream public doesn’t care. In fact, the public is pretty brutal on calling him out for not releasing this sensitive info, and seemed to work through these feelings by creating memes such as this.

Pants on Fire
This meme is pretty simple and straightforward and it is pretty obvious why Trump can’t stand it, as it blatantly accuses him of being a liar. Whether or not you believe it, this meme has definitely rubbed many Trump supporters the wrong way.


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Size of His Hands
Trump seems to get nervous anytime someone questions his manhood. You know the saying about a man with big hands? Well, people claim Trump doesn’t know the answer as it seems he has smaller hands than the traditional male. Trump was so bothered by the rumor that he made it a point to say his hands were normal size. Thus starting a running joke about having small hands.

The Color Orange
For someone who makes so much money, you would think that Donald Trump would be paying good money for his tanning services. However, his tan looks more artificial than a Cheetoh, and people, both supporters and those against him, are willing to call him out on it. This meme proves it, and hits a sore spot with Trump.

Whose Words?
While this didn’t happen directly to Trump, his wife Melania speech during the RNC faced heavy criticism for being plagiarized from First Lady Michelle Obama. When you’re running for president, who you associate with is just as important as your actions. And Trump would rather the world forget about the plagiarism mishap?

Bigly Chew
During the final presidential debate before the election audiences around the United States noticed he used the word bigly. While it has since been proven to be a real word, the public is convinced that Trump didn’t mean to use it and have taken the opportunity to make fun of him for it. This meme put the clever spin on a well-known brand to make it Trump appropriate.

Grab them by the..what?
When Trump was caught saying that he would grab a woman inappropriately below the waist, it was the controversy that nearly ended Trump’s campaign. He even publicly apologized for the incident and wishes to move forward. However given the crude nature of the comment, the internet isn’t willing to let it go so easily, and any meme that refers to that famous quote is upload to trump.

Attacks Abound
As mentioned before, Trump seems to have a hard time with criticism and this meme basically thumbs up every criticism and concern that anti-trump people have against the Republican nominee for president. In just a few words, this meme has the ability to ruin Trump campaign with no elaboration needed no matter your political views.

Five reasons why you shouldn’t upgrade to Windows 10

I feel like i can do my five reasons why you shouldn’t obviously you didn’t make up your own mind about if Windows 10 is right for you.these are just my five top reasons why i probably won’t upgrade to Windows 10 as you can see i still have a windows 8 splash screen on my pc over there.



No. 1

drivers what the hell they’ve been flaky I’ve had my USB drivers brake, I’ve had in video driver problems I’ve even had like twitchy md driver problems, I you know whether there’s even more than that I don’t know about you guys but it sure makes me feel like Windows 10 is more like Windows Vista. especially on clean installs, do an upgrade it seems to not be as bad but clean installs I’ve had all sorts of problems and I’ve heard a lot of reports of other people that have as well.

No. 2


it’s intrusive more than any microsoft product i think i’ve ever used I really feel like you know they force you into having or you know needing to use you know SkyDrive they force you and do you know wanting to use Cortana they make it extremely hard to change your browser but even I think maybe worse than it used to be. some of that’s been remedied like I saw firefox finally figured out how to make Cortana give you back firefox search results and take you to firefox but it just seems very intrusive to me.


also this is on a saturday so yesterday the some weeks came out that they have the ability to actually remove pirated games from your pc. now that may be the unsubstantiated but I saw it from tech report. so you know guys I just feel like it’s very intrusive, it seems like they’re all up in your business all the time and frankly that’s not what I want for my OS I want my OS to just be the thing that all my programs are on.



No. 3


data mining so this is a privacy thing right like you’ve heard lots of people talk about Cortana and you know their data mining you can turn off a lot of it but there is still rumors may be unsubstantiated maybe not. that you can’t turn it all off, so they’re still tracking frankly you know this is the going to be number two is it free you’re paying for quote unquote free software somehow.


so to me privacy issues I really feel like it’s not their number.



No. 2 and i said this actually in my reasons to upgrade it also makes it into my reasons to not go to windows 10 and this goes along with like the privacy and the intrusive it’s three listen you’re paying for it somehow you’re not just going to get something for free so you’re either going to know their they want you to use one driver SkyDrive or we know whatever its name this week. they’re going to preload you with like skype and you know Microsoft products, they’re gonna want you to use Microsoft services now I’m not saying that’s a bad thing.


I prefer a lot of Microsoft services at the same times like one drive drives me insane because I prefer drop box in that one scenario. most things I actually do prefer microsoft products and you know disclaimer guys I work for Microsoft but i really do like Microsoft products and I you know holistically like Windows 10 other than you know these few things i’m talking about.


not being able to fully disable one drive drives me absolutely insane, like I just want it gone I want off of my system same thing with edge and Cortana I want that stuff off of my system give me the ability to completely remove it and not have to be like some ninja master to get stuff working again. it’s completely infuriating but the same time that’s what the free is getting. they have to make money somehow so you know what ads are you watching how can we better serve as how can we get you to use things to maybe we’re like skype we can upgrade you from a free membership to premium same thing with onedrive.



you know can we get you hooked and get you to upgrade its a corporation they have to make money, they have to pay the developers so we can all keep working there frankly and that’s what you get for free. so it’s not really free but unfortunately there’s also not a you know go buy it and not get all of that other crap and that’s why free is my number two.



No 5:


who needs testers anyways that’s what you suckers are for right well unfortunately microsoft is moving to more of a scrum and agile model of development and unfortunately Google and Apple have been kicking their ass for a long time on this area and unfortunately you’re now seeing microsoft had more toward you know things in beta or you know you bought that three upgrade and so now you’re gonna get updates push to your machine before other people so they can see if you complain or not or a million things like that.

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What I have Experience With Windows 10

This week I’m here to share with you the 7 things that I don’t like about Windows 10 because last week I shared with you the 7 things that I do like . Instead of making a review based on the things that everybody else seems to talk about. I want to talk about my experience because that’s what it’s all about when it comes to devices and before I begin let me go ahead and say that for the most part Windows 10 is a step in the right direction. For the most part because it comes with caveats that do not mean that I’m slogging on windows. It just means that I see both the good and the bad. I take them both and there I have the fact of life in the world don’t move to the beat of just one drum what might be right for you may not be right for some.


A man is born yeah first thing that I don’t like is that you have to pay ten dollars for a year’s worth of solitaire. actually I’m kidding I really don’t mind that for people to complain about paying ten dollars for an ad-free version of solitaire after they got windows 10 for free come on do you have nothing else to complain about. Seriously if you got the windows 10 upgrade for free and you have to pay ten dollars for a game that you like to play anyway what’s the problem. The true first thing that I don’t really like is that free windows 10 upgrade only lasts for about a year.


So what that means is that if you have a system that’s eligible for the windows 10 upgrade you better do it within the next 365 days. Actually fewer days than that now and keep in mind that free upgrade path is tied to the pc. Not you I’m just saying while I appreciate it’s a free upgrade that’s a good thing it’s that it’s only lasting for a year and that’s not such a good thing in my estimation. If you’re going to make it free now why not make it free forever.


How many times did Microsoft push back the end date for windows XP support is it also a possibility that Microsoft will say okay  Windows 10 is free for another year. I really don’t know I just wish that if Windows 10 was going to be free it would be free indefinitely. Even if you have to pay ten dollars to play a game that you want to play anyway without a doubt.


Maybe that would be a better monetization strategy for Microsoft you’re playing minesweeper you clicked the wrong square and boom you all Microsoft another ten dollars. That would make things interesting and please Microsoft does not take this idea seriously please. The next thing that I don’t like about Windows 10 is that sometimes the transitions and animations are herky-jerky and blink and flashy. That was my best impression of Windows 10 sometimes of course I’m exaggerating.


But since when do I not exaggerate I’m sure they’re going to continue to smooth out the rough spots it’s just that I still see a few areas where a lot of rough spots need to be ironed out. And speaking of the next thing that I don’t like about Windows 10 is far too many legacy windows elements remain. The way that Microsoft has evolved the windows 10 experience is rather magical. But when you get smacked in the face with a dialogue from light 1997 you just kind of get thrown back and go wow.


Maybe it’s just me who sees a journey difference between the windows of yesteryear and the windows of today and tomorrow. for example I had some issues getting my microphone to work with Cortland and then it threw up a wizard and I’m all like whoa I think the last time I saw this dialogue I was watching mar. Wizard on TV. Actually mar. wizard is older than that and I probably am as well. Undoubtedly the new Windows 10 you why is clean Intel you have to deal with legacy elements.


There updated and clean is but also kind of a nice old they just kind of stick out like a sore thumb and they don’t necessarily stick out like a sore thumb on an operating system that has similar components throughout on windows 7. The same dialogue may look fine but on Windows 10 when you put that dialogue next to something else that looks like it belongs in another century. well that’s where it gets kind of clunky and even though I don’t know for sure I believe that Microsoft is probably going to be doing its best to clean up the craft.


Still my experience is based on what we have today not what we might have tomorrow some people don’t mind I do and I’m not talking about third-party apps either I’m talking about the stuff that ships with windows. You may be familiar with the ribbon interface in the file explorer on Windows but on Windows 10 it looks like. If anything take this is me saying that the new look and feel of Windows 10 is nice everything else not so much and you got to take the everything else when you get Windows 10.


If you can deal with it or you don’t see a problem with it good for you the next thing that I don’t like about Windows 10 is that the privacy settings are somewhat confusing and opt out. Microsoft has presented your privacy in such a way that it makes sense in context but also in such a way that a lot of users aren’t going to bother to toggle the options.


I’m not here to say that the privacy policy is horrific that is for you to decide what I am saying is that it’s somewhat difficult to navigate the options at least comprehensively. if you didn’t know it by default when you download windows updates you’re also sharing your upload bandwidth with others get updates from Microsoft and get updates from and send updates – by default pc are my local network and PCs on the internet and that’s just one of the settings that you might want to talk every other setting is buried within some other random dialogue it’s not comprehensive.


I don’t mind that Microsoft is trying these features I do mind that it’s an opt-out procedure and then it’s not very simple for the average user to do by and large they could solve the problem by making everything off in but that would probably be counterintuitive to Microsoft’s business model. To put it bluntly they want to be able to track you for advertising purposes then again you could say the same for a lot of companies out there.


It’s just that I don’t think the average windows user is going to know what’s going on yes every user is given a choice but how many times do users usually move past the defaults. I’m pretty sure that statistic is what Microsoft is banking on but hey it was a free upgrade and other companies are doing it. So why Microsoft that question can’t is not for me to answer. The next thing that I don’t like is the windows store in general I love the idea of the windows store.


Unfortunately it’s kind of lacking a lot of apps that I want to keep installed the windows story’s getting there and I like the idea of buying a app once or downloading an app once and having it tied to my count to be able to access it from number of Windows machines. But I’m just now waiting for other apps to be released.



So developers develop speaking of third-party support the next thing that I don’t like is the lack of third-party support where it counts specifically in the driver arena as much as I didn’t run into too many snags and upgrading from windows 8.1 to windows 10 on this surface pro 3 pc which is mine. I did have some issues in trying to upgrade to Windows 10 from other paces in my house. Is that Microsoft’s fault is that the Ohm’s fall I don’t know. Either way it’s a problem for Windows 10 it’s like the platform can’t decide which utility is going to be responsible for upgrading everything.



Your mileage may vary and I’m not saying it’s a gigantic issue but I am saying that it was a problem and it was not something that I liked the next thing I don’t like about Windows 10 is a fair amount of usability redundancy. it’s not as bad as Windows 8 but it’s still present in Windows 10 for example I’ve gone to type within a field and as I selected that field to type the keyboard didn’t pull up the software keyboard and I didn’t have the hardware keyboard attached and I was waiting for it to pull up and then I had to manually pull it up because I forgot that I was not in tablet mode or maybe I was in tablet mode and couldn’t use the screen but I can always touch the screen but need to do it in a certain way to make sure that the keyboard pulls up.



It was a step in the right direction but I feel that Windows 10 still doesn’t know who wants to be and win on what creating a cohesive UX is a challenge and I’m sure that Microsoft is up for the task. let me put it to you another way they have to be up for the task and they have to finish the task sooner rather than later and despite the things that I don’t like about my windows 10 experience. Get the best Internet business online today with the best of seo expertise using the latest gadget today. For more information you can visit the website http://bradleywebgroup.com/.



How To Get Rid Of Certificate Error During Web Browsing

The certificate error message is generated by your web browser. It appears when you attempt to visit a malicious website. If a website that you intended to visit has a fake security certificate, the browser will identify it immediately and alert the user about it with the certificate error message.


What is the key difference between a certified website and non-certified website?

A certified website will encrypt all the data that a user shares with it. It means that the user need not have to worry about his personal or confidential data being leaked online. Conversely, an uncertified website will not encrypt the user data. With such websites, chances are higher that your personal or confidential data is accessed by hackers or anyone who wish to access them intentionally.

What if a genuine website is detected by the browser as unauthorized?

Sometimes, certain genuine websites will be identified as unauthorized by certain websites. This can happen due to a number of factors such as outdated certification standard of the browser, a recent history of the website known to have been hacked, etc. Well, if you trust a website, you can tweak the browser settings and disable the certificate error messages. See the steps below on how to fix certificate error.


  • Navigate to the Start menu and choose Run from the resulting menu.
  • In the Run dialogue box, enter regedit and hit the Enter button on your keyboard. This will display the Registry Editor.
  • In the Registry Editor screen, go to the left side of the window (editor pane) and click open the below listed folder.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE /SOFTWARE /Microsoft /Internet Explorer /Main /FeatureControl

  • Choose New option and select the option titled Key. In the Key space, enter the below given key.

certificate error messages


  • Proceed by hitting the Enter
    Again go to the Edit menu and choose New. Select the option that says DWORD Value.
  • Go to the value box and enter exe. Hit the Enter key on the keyboard.
  • Go to the Edit menu again and select the Modify Make sure that the digit ‘1‘ is added in the modification area before clicking OK.

Following the above directions on how to fix certificate error, you have successfully fixed the issue in your web browser. Remember that keeping the certificate error option enabled is always recommended as it will ensure safe web browsing.


What Are The Causes Of A Slow Windows Explorer

All of the Windows operating systems use Windows Explorer for its file management requirements. It is an efficient tool that also provides easy navigational features. If you find the Windows Explorer in Windows 7 running slow, there can be many reasons for this. And in such an instance, it can be frustrating to work around the OS and to use the most basic functions and features. Before taking the computer to a technician, you can try out the tips provided here.


Scan for viruses

If there is a virus infection in your computer, the Windows Explorer is bound to run slow. To check for infections, start the antivirus program in your computer and run a complete scan. You can make use of subscription-based programs like McAfee and Norton or free antivirus programs like Avast! and AVG. Close all running programs before running the scan, as the slow computer would run slower once the antivirus scan initiates. When the scan results appear, you can Remove or Quarantine the virus infections accordingly.

Defragment hard drive

The presence of too much content on the hard drive can make the files and folders in it fragmented, causing the processor to put in extra efforts to access the contents. If the amount of fragmentation in your disc partitions is above the average level, the Windows Explorer can slow down considerably. To fix this, open up the Start Menu, navigate to All Programs, then System Tools, and then click on Defragment. Analyze the hard disk partitions and defragment those partitions that have more than 10 percent of fragmented files.


Remove unnecessary files

Buildup of too many files and data in the computer can affect the computer’s performance. To clean up your personal files, browse through the hard drive and delete all files that you find unnecessary. To cleanup system files, use the Disc Cleanup utility. Open the Disk Cleanup utility from the System Tools folder in the Start Menu. Select the specific drive you want to check and click on OK. Once the scan finishes, select data to remove and click on OK again.

Remove external devices

If your Windows 7 device is actively managing external devices and drives, it will consume some system resources, making the Windows Explorer slow. To check why is Windows Explorer in Windows 7 running slow currently, remove all of the external devices including CDs, USB devices and network modems.

Additionally, you can try removing unnecessary and rarely used shortcuts from the desktop of the Windows 7 operating system.


How To Fix A Slow Running Windows 7 Computer

csr racing 2 cheats

Windows 7 operating system is one of the most popular and efficient operating systems released by Microsoft. With regular use, you will notice the Windows 7 running slow, and it can be due to accumulation of data in the hard drive or improper maintenance. Nevertheless, it is never desirable to work on a slow computer, as it can hinder the running of programs and consume more time on your part to complete tasks. Given below are some of the common causes why you may find Windows 7 running slow, and tips on how you can fix them.

Programs in the background

If you have a number of programs running in the background, and there is not enough RAM memory, it will affect the performance of the computer adversely. To fix this, either upgrade your RAM or terminate programs consuming much memory from the Task Manager.

Programs that startup when you power on the system can also affect its performance. To disable such unnecessary programs, access the Run command from the Start menu and enter msconfig. In the window that pops up, choose the Startup tab, which will show a list of programs that start on boot up automatically. Uncheck the names of programs that you wish to disable.

Windows Registry

Corruptions in the Windows Registry can also cause the computer to go haywire. Windows registry entries become corrupted due to improper program un-installations and multiple programs using the same key. However, there is no internal registry cleaner program available in the Windows OS. Hence, you need to make use of a third party registry cleaner for the purpose. Open the program, scan the registry and fix the issues found. You will also be able to get rid of invalid registries using registry cleaners.


Spywares and Viruses

Presence of viruses and spyware can also affect the speed and efficiency of the computer much. Moreover, at times, you would be able to verify the presence of viruses only when the computer becomes slow for no apparent reason. Open your antivirus program and run a complete computer scan. If you do not have one already, download a reputed security software from the internet and install it.

Make sure that you update the computer periodically with relevant Windows updates. In addition, update the virus definitions of the antivirus programs and keep its shields active at all times, especially during internet access.


Up to this day is still Windows 7 still use by people in their homes, offices and businesses. If you have a video game in your PC using Windows 7 and you want to bring it along with you then Iphone and smartphone is for you.









Microsoft Upgrades Xbox From Gaming To Enterprise

Microsoft’s revolutionary enhancements on the Xbox One gaming console have paved way for an ironic collaboration of gaming and work. The significance of Xbox gaming console as a practical small enterprise product was the creative contribution of Microsoft’s professionally valuable partners. Microsoft has incorporated enhanced features for networking and videoconferencing into the Xbox One console. Microsoft help forum provides a detailed description on the modifications implemented in Xbox One gaming console.




Xbox One enhanced as an office gadget

In order to enhance Xbox One as a multimedia gadget, Microsoft has adopted some radical measures. The updated versions of Xbox One are endowed with inherent networking options and advanced camera features. The 1080p digital Kinect camera and the in-built Skype features of Xbox One make it a competent platform for business networking solutions. The upgrades have rendered Xbox One as an optimum gadget for live business discussion and videoconferencing.




The Xbox console is also provided with Internet Explorer and Sky Drive storage features. The enterprises can perform online transactions and operate business applications through the Xbox One. The Sky Drive feature enables the storage of office files and online handling of data. Microsoft also offers free added features like Xbox live gold with annual subscriptions.

Although Microsoft has receded itself from many of its business product sectors, the promotion of the upgraded Xbox console is being celebrated in full swing. The updated versions of the console are oriented towards exalting it to a multifaceted multimedia gadget. The console is no longer confined in the gaming realm but enhanced to the business market.




Experts disapprove on superficiality 


The enhancement of the Xbox gaming console as a business product does not earn the approval of the experts. Even some of the potentially valuable partners of Microsoft consider the upgrade to be a bit too frivolous. The analysts agree with the viability of the updated console as an enterprise product but suggest the possibility for Microsoft to adopt a much superior plan in integrating the gaming console as a business solution.

The Microsoft help forum discusses the impact of the upgrade in the business product market and also depicts the insignificance of the outrageous breakthrough. Avoiding all the questions on the efficacy of the logic, Microsoft has once again propounded an excellent way to mix work and play.



Microsoft Launches The Xbox Video Web Service

Amid the positive response from the gamers across the world, Microsoft is seen trying to boost the sales of Xbox One gaming console by introducing web services. Dubbed Xbox Video Web Service, the new service is reported to be released prior to the release of Xbox One web service for Windows Phone. Users can access the web version service at video.xbox.com. The report was published in The Verge.



Xbox Video Web Service Vs Xbox Video App

The report indicates that Xbox Video Web Service has similar features of Xbox Video App, which is available on Windows 8.1. Many gamers have been contacting the Windows support number to find out about the difference between the two. It is assumed that the web service might replace Microsoft’s Zune video service.

Xbox Video Web Service has similar features of the Xbox Music web version

The Verge report adds that Xbox Video Web Service has similar features of the Xbox Music Web version. The service allows users to stream video and audio contents directly from the web browser with the help of the Silverlight plug-in, a browser add-on developed by Microsoft. Immediate streaming of content is possible for users who have shopped contents through Xbox One or Windows 8.1 app. Users can purchase a variety of contents ranging from music to video to animated files through the web service. The icing on the cake is that all contents purchased via the web service can be made available on Xbox One and Windows 8. Obviously, the Xbox Video Web Service opens a wide door to entertainment and infotainment.


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Despite the advantages, the Xbox Video Web Service suffer a limited number of drawbacks. The major disadvantage is that it does not have HD support. Since users are able to playback HD supported video contents on Windows 8.1 and Xbox, they had hoped that the upcoming web service would provide HD support.


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